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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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17 i:i\                    To I/orare Mann
Wi< had hwird of tho Duktt of Modww'n command8 boforo I had your lolt<«r. I am glad, for thn sake of tho Duchess, IIH filu^ t« to return to Franco. I ntwur Haw anybody wish anything moro! and indexed, how can one figure any particle of pltw*wt» happening to a daughter of tho Rogont, and ft fnvourito daughter too, full of wit and joy, buried in a dirty, dull Italian duchy, with an ugly, formal object for a huMbund, and two uncouth nister-princesses for eternal rumpaniomt y I am BO notir tho ovo of going into Norfolk, tlmt I imagine mynolf eomothing in her situation, and mnrriml t« mmw Hammond or Hosto7, who is Duke of. or DarHtnglmtn. I romombor in tho fairy tales A yellow dwarf Htoaln a princosa, and shows her his duohy, of which h«t in vtu-y proud: among tho blessings of grntuhmr, of which ho nuikt*s h«r mietross, thoro ifl a most Iwitutiful a»w fur h^r palfn»y, a blooming moadow of nottlos witt! thintl«'« to walk in, and a (inn troublod ditch to slake h*n- tUirnt, afltn4 t»iilu«r of tho abovcvmcmtionod oxoroisoa.
Atiiou ! My wxt will )w dat*id from some of fcho doleful nwtlw* in thi' priiU'tpality of
Your forlorn friend,
119.   To HoiuflB MANN.
Houghton, Jumt 4, 17-Uf.
I wxorx thw wtwk to Mr. Chute, addressed to you; 1 r«uld not afford two Iwttom in ono post from tlio country, mid in Urn dmitl of Mumntor. I havo receivod one from you of May 21*4, winct* I camo down. I must tell you a Hinart
\la Wtt* »tnwiittt»Mli t«» rtmunnnil      tw«i Norfolk fntuiUiui, iwarly »<*j»W» triHi(Hi in NticwMMiirii t«»      to Ihn W«.li»»lw.    tt'aljintt'.
a n<ni«Jmm, «. ««»nt ni' Ihn Nortlm, "H«« IUiu»»t..i(«l« mt«t Hu«t».n nr««      itl.iint (tight ntlli'a IVnin IhmKliton.